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Make a New Friend

Sample Storybook

On a hike in the park, the children find a family of snails. The baby snail is slower, so it lags behind the two larger snails. The children worry about the baby snail, but when they encourage it (rather loudly) to go faster, it hides inside its shell. Then the children must learn how to approach the snail gently, to gain its trust. They walk away with an important lesson about empathy.

Additional Sections

Every story has four additional sections that aim at deepening the conversation between parent and child. These sections support the story, extend the kid's knowledge with additional facts, offer a philosophical discussion, and conclude with a message fortifying a positive spirit.

Expert review

“These are a great way to have your kids become part of the story, and then share a teachable moment with them.“

Mr. Iqbal,

Parent of two

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