Olivia and Anna

Learn about Sea Life

Sample Storybook

On a walk at a pier, the children want to take a picture of a sea lion, but it keeps moving too fast for them. A friendly fisherman explains how some sea creatures catch their food and breathe in the sea. When the determined children understand where to look and wait for sea lions, patient observation leads them to snapping a great photo.

Additional Sections

Every story has four additional sections that aim at deepening the conversation between parent and child. These sections support the story, extend the kid's knowledge with additional facts, offer a philosophical discussion, and conclude with a message fortifying a positive spirit.

Expert review

"As a teacher, I insist on the pleasure of reading and the importance of offering rich and adapted literature. I recommend, of course, to borrow books regularly from libraries but also to offer subscriptions to their child."

Estelle Sabart,

Educator and School Teacher

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