Olivia and Anna

Learn About Honesty

Sample Storybook

At the farmers market, the children see a little boy walk away with an apple without paying for it. The children know stealing is not right. They have trouble figuring out what to do, because the boy is so little. With the help of the owner of the stand, the children learn an important lesson about honesty, standing up for the truth, and when to pay.

Additional Sections

Every story has four additional sections that aim at deepening the conversation between parent and child. These sections support the story, extend the kid's knowledge with additional facts, offer a philosophical discussion, and conclude with a message fortifying a positive spirit.

Expert review

I love that these books grow with kids. Little kids can simply look at the pictures and have the story read to them while older kids and caregivers will enjoy the “A moment to reflect” feature that offers suggestions for exploring the topic further.

Aki Raymer,

MA, Early Childhood & Family Specialist

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