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Books about science and human
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Artist Statement

You’ve probably noticed that our storybooks don’t look like other children’s books. We’d like to explain some of the differences.

Our storybooks go beyond just the story. We explore our subjects in multiple sections and from different points of view. Our goal is to help children understand the lessons by connecting multiple “knowledge dots”.

Kids understand and retain the lessons much better when they see themselves on the page. This is the point of personalizing our storybooks, and the reason we chose to write about science and human values.

Our mission is to help kids live a more fulfilling life and relate to others more constructively. We believe that encouraging sincere conversations between a parent and a child is the best way to accomplish this.

We are a small company of creatives and technologists committed to redefining what children's books can be.

Thank you so much for your support,

Diego Bauducco, Doris Vila, and Michael Calore

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We’ve made a poster about time. Visualizing years, months, days, hours and minutes.