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Welcome to CanoliKids.

Let’s make a book about human values and science starring your kids! 😍

Design your own book with one story for $27.
Add more stories for $9 each.

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About us and our books

We’re a young company based in San Francisco, CA. A small group of artists, creatives and technologists committed to improving children's books. Our mission is to reinforce the bond between a child and a parent. We believe that encouraging sincere conversations between them helps accomplish this.

Kids understand books much better when they see themselves on the page. This the reason our books are personalized, and the reason we chose to write about science and human values. We explore our subjects in multiple sections and from different points of view. Our goal is to help children understand the lessons by connecting multiple knowledge “dots”.

We hope you like our work. We’ve put a lot of effort to create it. Thank very much you for your support,

Diego and Olivia Bauducco, Doris Vila, Michael Calore, and Ryan Warner.